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Q: What is the main benefit of a radio versus a cell phone ?

Cost and group contact capabilities. Two-way radios are easy to use with a push-to-talk feature which enables the u-boat thousands of feet replica watches user to communicate instantly with anyone or an entire user group on the network. Two-way radios are designed to be utilized in extreme conditions and offer rugged features. There are no monthly fees or per minute airtime costs regardless of your talk time usage amount.

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Q: what is the talking range of the portable radios ?

Two way radio Coverage is dependent on power, antenna height and terrain. On-site portable radioswill typically cover from 1-5 miles in radius (4-5 Watt UHF/VHF radios), while wide-area radios can offer coverage up to a 30-mile radius with a repeater. One should expect about 1 mile with a FRS or Family Style radio.

Q: Can other people hear my conversations ?

With consumer model radios (FRS Family), anyone can tune into your radio band and be able to hear your conversation. Professional radios offer encryption function and we can also program your radios for privacy (an easy to obtain FCC license will be needed for this feature).

Q: How do i change the frequency on my radio ?

Programming cables can be connected to your PC and two way radio and the software is free,contact us for more information

Q: How long will my radio battery last ?

Depending on: work cycle, battery chemistry, and charging cycles one should expect 1 to 2 yrs.Like a cellular phone, Talk time also varies but you can expect up to 8 hrs per day.

Q: Can VITAI radios talk with my old radios ?

Yes, just use the same frequency , let me know the frequency of your old radios; please contact us so we can match the frequencies for you.

Q: Can a VHF radio communicate with an UHF radio ?

No. Most VHF radios operate in the VHF 136-174 MHz range and most UHF radios operate in the UHF 400-470MHz range. Since radios need to operate on the same frequency in order to talk to each other, it is impossible to match their frequencies. FRS radios are the same.